What Can You Do?

Reducing the spread and impacts of invasive species is up to everyone.

What’s at risk?

  • Our health, safety, and outdoor pursuits
  • Our economy — such as home values, industry and infrastructure
  • Our animals  —  pets and livestock
  • Our environment — ecosystems and biodiversity

We work closely with other local governments to manage invasive species in our region. Residents and volunteers have important roles to play.

What can I do to stop invasive species?

  • Volunteer (see below)
  • Take action on your land
  • Take action when you’re outdoors — boating, hiking and other activities
  • Pass on the word about invasive plants and animals
  • Report new and priority invaders in Saanich

What can I do on my own land?

  • Do not buy invasive plants. Don’t plant them. Learn how to be Plantwise.
  • Remove invasive species from your land
  • Get rid of invasive species safely at the right locations
  • Don’t let invasive species go to seed
  • Garden with native species. You’ll help create a home for native wildlife and help prevent re-establishment of invasives. For ideas, visit the Saanich Naturescape Program page
  • Clean your tools, equipment and footwear before leaving an infested area

 In the Outdoors

 In Your Community


Let’s take action! We support and coordinate volunteers fighting invasive species. We focus mainly on our public lands. We may also work on other lands with priority threats. 

You can join one of the many work parties in our parks. We help out with labour, materials, clean-up and disposal. 

Find out more about our Pulling Together Volunteer Program.