Noxious Weeds Bylaw

Saanich Noxious Weeds Bylaw

Our Noxious Weeds Bylaw requires property owners in Saanich to control invasive plants on their private lands. These are plants “likely to spread or become a nuisance to other…property in the vicinity…”. We also name and address some specific invasive plants in the bylaw (see below).

View the Noxious Weed Bylaw [PDF - 15 KB].

We Can Help

Saanich Parks and Bylaw Enforcement work with property owners. 

Saanich Bylaw Enforcement

For Bylaw questions and to report a noxious weed.

Phone:  250-475-5456

Saanich Parks:

For questions and advice on noxious weeds and invasive species.

Phone:  250-475-5522

Landowner FAQs:

Q: What do I do if I have a noxious weed on my property?

A: Our staff from Bylaw Enforcement and Saanich Parks can share advice and guidance to best remove and control specific plants. We can provide other information, resources and help you plan to reduce the time it will take to remove the plant. If you can’t do the work yourself, you can also hire a professional.

Q: Why did I get a formal registered letter from bylaw enforcement because of a weed issue?

A:  Most landowners work with us to remove the plant of concern, but sometimes they can’t or won’t. By mailing a registered letter each year to properties with species of high concern, we are then in a position to take action to have the plant removed.

Bylaw Background

The Noxious Weed Bylaw dates back to the early 1900’s, originally to address weeds of threat to agriculture. We updated it more recently to include other priority plants like ones that pose risks to human health.  

Local governments can regulate for:

  • Public health
  • Nuisance
  • Protecting the environment

Noxious weeds and invasive plants can impact all of these areas. They can also have economic and social impacts (such as human health and recreation) and harm animal health. Local governments can also enforce the Provincial Weed Control Act.

Noxious Weed Bylaw: Plant Schedule

Our Bylaw deals with plants that “spread and cause a nuisance”, but also includes a list (“schedule”) of specific targeted plant species.  Some of these species were on the original 1906 bylaw (agriculture issues) and some have been added by Council in more recent years. This schedule is also being updated as part of the process below.

Plants currently on Saanich’s Noxious Weed Bylaw: