Reporting Invasive Species

Reporting Invasive Species

When you report high priority invasive plants and animals, you help us to better manage and eradicate invasive species causing the greatest impact. Together, we can reduce the impacts invaders have such as to our economy, recreation areas, infrastructure, ecosystems and human health. We and our regional and provincial partners greatly appreciate your help. Thank you!

Which invasive species are a priority?


How do I report invasive species?

You have many options for reporting. Choose the one below that works best for you.

For information about which plants and animals are priority invasives:

Saanich Bylaw Enforcement

Make bylaw complaints about invasive plants on private lands. For more information about regulations relating to boulevards please see the Boulevard Regulation Bylaw.

Saanich Parks

Report priority invasive plants and animals on public lands in Saanich. This includes spaces like parks and boulevards.

You can also report priority invasive plants (and invasive ants) you see on private lands in Saanich. If you have questions, give us a call.

Other Reporting Tools

Reporting priority invasive plants in the Capital Region:


All BC residents can report priority invasive species through the province (including an app for invasive plants):

Invasive Reporting