Invasive Plant Disposal

Invasive Plant Disposal

Careful and appropriate invasive plant disposal is very important to help us reduce the further spread of invasive plants. We are currently battling plants that have been spread by inappropriate or illegal dumping.

Invasive plants

  • Have been introduced from outside of our region
  • Have a negative impact on us, our economy, animals and ecosystems 
  • Can spread rapidly and become established, increasing their impacts

Our Noxious Weed Bylaw requires residents to control the spread of invasive plants on private lands.

The B.C. Weed Control Act requires land occupiers to control designated noxious weeds.

How can I get rid of invasive plants?

To safely remove your invasive plants, you need to bring them to one of the disposal sites listed below. Before you do this, please plan carefully.

  • Put plants or cuttings onto tarps or into bags (to avoid spreading seeds or leaving behind parts of roots or stems that can re-infest)
  • Do not compost invasive plants at home.

Where can I get rid of invasive species?

Hartland Landfill (all invasive species)Man loading a truck with branches

While the landfill does not allow garden waste, invasive species are exempt. They go
right into the landfill. This is currently the safest way to dispose of invasive plants.

How to Prepare Your Trip

  • Place all plant parts in garbage bags.
  • Label these “INVASIVE PLANTS”.
  • Take your bags to Hartland Landfill at 1 Hartland Avenue.

Visit the Hartland website for hours, fees and more information.

Saanich Garden Waste Disposal (limited species)

We accept the invasive species listed below. You cannot include seeds in your load. Ivy Climbing on a Tree Trunk

  • Scotch Broom  Cytisus scoparius
  • English Ivy  Hedera helix
  • English Holly  Ilex aquifolium
  • Himalayan Blackberry  Rubus armeniacus
  • English Hawthorn  Crataegus monogyna
  • Periwinkle Vinca major, V. minor

Please take your high risk species, such as Knotweed and Lesser Celandine, to Hartland Landfill. See above for details.

If you have Knotweed for disposal, special arrangements must be made. Please contact Parks at or  (250) 475-5522

Saanich Garden Recycling location:

  • Saanich Public Works Yard 1040 McKenzie Ave
  • Enter off Borden Street 
  • You’ll find more information on the Saanich Garden Recycling page. 

Can I compost an invasive plant at home?

Do not compost invasive plants at home. It is not always effective.

  • Home composting often doesn’t eliminate invasive reproductive parts
  • Home composting can cause new outbreaks

What are you doing to improving disposal options?

We are currently working with our regional partners to improve invasive plant disposal. This includes finding better options and protocols for handling these plants. 

For more information, speak to Saanich Environmental Services at our Planning Department. See the Contact Information section.

I think I’ve found an invasive species. How do I report it?

If you think you’ve found invasive species, please report it on our Invasive Reporting site.