Youth FireSetter Intervention

youth firesetter interventionChildren are naturally curious. Most fireplay comes from that curiosity. For some, fireplay is a symptom of other problems. We have a special program to help families deal with this dangerous behaviour.

What is the Youth FireSetter Intervention Program?

  • Educational intervention session.
  • Targets at-risk youth who have shown an interest in fire and/or have engaged in firesetting activities.
  • Focusses on responsibility, character building, decision making and fire safety.
  • We need student participation and parent support to help the youth succeed.

Children set fires for many reasons:

  • To see how matches/lighters work and how things burn.
  • To copy their parents or family members.
  • Pressure from friends.
  • To cope, cry for help or out of anger due to crisis or trauma.
  • To add risk or excitement to activities.
  • To cover up crimes and destroy evidence during other illegal activities.

Educational intervention aims to teach youths about:

  • The power of a single match.
  • The speed of fire and its uncontrollability.
  • The consequences of fireplay.
  • The laws surrounding intentionally set fires.
  • Home and family fire safety.

You can talk to many people about your concerns

  • Teachers
  • Parents or grandparents
  • Guardian or caregivers
  • Police

All contact is confidential

  • Specially trained fire staff hold the education interventions.
  • Interviews usually take place at the fire station, at your convenience.
  • We can refer youths to support agencies and services to make sure they get the help they need.
  • We’ve dedicated the Youth FireSetter Intervention Program to help youth and their families since 1997.
  • To set a Youth FireSetter interview, please contact our Fire Prevention office.