Leaf Collection Program

Each fall we offer two curbside leaf collection passes along residential streets. Leaf collection dates are included on your garbage and organics collection schedule, 

are approximate and vary by area. Check October/ November for your first leaf collection pass.

Note: Garbage and organics pick up days change in January.  Check your collection schedule for your new day, plus sign up for a reminder and never miss a collection!


  • Leaf collection only.
  • Leaves must be in rows or piles no more than 1 metre away from the road.
  • No limit to number of piles or rows.
  • Leaves to be clear of catch basins, sidewalks, bike lanes and roadways.
  • Leaves are not collected from inside ditches.
  • Collectors require unobstructed access to leaves.

We don’t accept

We don’t accept a number of items in our leaf collection program. Please put the following in your organics recycling cart:

  • Tree needles
  • Grass clippings
  • Prunings
  • Garden waste

You can bring large-volume loads to the Saanich Public Works Yard at 1040 McKenzie Ave. 

Where your leaves go

We collect and mulch about 2,500 tonnes of leaves for reuse in our parks, allotment gardens and garry oak restoration projects.

We also drop off free leaf mulch for residential use on a first-come, first-served basis at three Saanich parks:

  1. Mt. Doug
  2. Hyacinth 
  3. Playfair