What you need to know about Greener Garbage Collection and more.


  1. Can I get an additional cart or change my current cart to a different size?

    Review our Adding or Changing a Cart page for more information. 

  2. Why did you miss my cart? What should I do?

    Place your carts at the curb by 7 a.m. There are two truck passes to collect the different waste streams. These happen about two hours apart. So it’s possible we only collected one. Make sure that your carts are empty before pulling them in. We’ll miss your cart if it’s not at the curb.

    If we missed one of your carts, leave it at the curb and contact us.

    • Email greenergarbage@saanich.ca or
    • Call 250-475-5599.
    • Please also let us know if we’ve approved you for curbside assistance.
  3. My cart is filthy. How can I control odour and maggots?

    Maggots are a common and naturally occurring problem. Maggots are fly larvae. They appear when flies lay their eggs on organic waste. Before we separated our organics into the green cart, maggots also made their way into garbage bags or containers, even if tightly sealed.

    The maggot life cycle depends on the temperature and moisture level. They like warmth and the smell of organics.

    While there is no perfect way to banish maggots, you can do a few things to prevent them.

    The key is to keep flies from laying their eggs in your green cart.

    • Wrap meat scraps and bones in a sheet of newspaper or soiled paper towel.
    • Freeze your meat scraps until pick up day.
    • Put a layer of yard waste or newspaper on top of your food scraps.
    • Keep your kitchen container and cart lids closed at all times.
    • Store carts out of the sun in a secure and ventilated area.
    • Rinse your empty green bin with a mild detergent and water.
  4. Which bags can I use in the green bin?

    You don’t have to line your kitchen scraps container or organics cart. However, using a compostable bag or paper liner will help keep them clean and reduce odour.

    Acceptable Liners

    • Compostable bags
    • Newspaper
    • Paper products like paper towels and paper bags

    Most grocery stores, drug and hardware stores sell both large and small compostable bags.

  5. How do I know I'm using compostable bags?

    Look for the word compostable on the packaging, plus the following logos:

    • The Biodegradable Products Institute
    • The Bureau de normalisation du Quebec 

  6. Why can't I use plastic or biodegradable bags in the green bin?

    Plastic and biodegradable bags can’t be turned into compost because they’re made of plastic. If you use a plastic or biodegradable bag, we won’t collect your organics recycling. We can neither compost it nor take to the landfill because of the food scraps ban.

    Check question 5 (above) for recommended compostable logo's to look for when buying bags.

  7. How do I make a liner out of newspaper ?

  8. Can I use plastic bags in the garbage bin?

    Yes. You may use plastic bags to collect your garbage.

  9. What goes in the Organics Recycling Cart?

    We allow kitchen scraps and yard trimmings in the organics cart. Visit this page for full details.

  10. Where do I put fireplace ashes, Organics or Garbage?

    Cool fireplace ashes should be bagged and placed in the garbage cart.

  11. How much does the service cost?

    Please see our Cart Selection page for cart costs.

  12. Do I pay less if I have less garbage? How does this work?

    As an incentive, we give you the flexibility to choose smaller garbage and organics recycling carts. These carry a lower cost than larger ones.

  13. Can I opt out of Greener Garbage Collection?

    No. On January 1, 2015, the CRD implemented a full ban on kitchen scraps at the Hartland landfill.

    We cannot collect and dispose of household garbage if it contains:

    • Kitchen scraps,
    • Food leftovers, or
    • Soiled paper products.

    Therefore, the Greener Garbage Collection Program uses both organics recycling and garbage carts. 

    If you have any questions, please call us at 250-475-5599.

  14. I live in a multi-family property. Can I participate?

    We encourage property managers and strata owners to talk about it with Solid Waste Services. Email them at greenergarbage@saanich.ca or call 250-475-5599.

  15. When is my collection day?

  16. Do you collect on Statutory Holidays?

    Yes! We collect on all Statutory Holidays except for those in December and January.  Check your calendar, if your collection day falls on a stat holiday, bring your carts to the curb so you don't miss your collection.

  17. What do I do if my carts get damaged, lost or stolen?

    Contact Public Works 250-475-5599. Our carts have an extended warranty and we will take care of any warranty repairs. However, if your carts are damaged beyond their repair warranty, your household is responsible for the replacement cost.

    If carts are lost or stolen, staff will try to recover them using their serial number and electronic tag. If we can’t find your carts, your household is responsible for replacement costs. 

  18. What’s my CRD blue box recycling program schedule?

  19. Where do I place my carts?

  20. What are the dimensions of the carts?

  21. Can animals get into my cart?

    Your carts have a large wheelbase. This means that they are sturdy and won’t be easily pushed over. They also include tight fitting lids.

    There is also an animal-proof latch on your organics recycling cart.

    Before, you put kitchen scraps into your garbage. Now you’re just putting them into a different cart.

  22. Do I take the carts with me when I move?

    No. You need to leave the carts at the property for the next resident.

    Saanich owns the carts. We assign each set to a property. A serial number and electronic tag identifies the cart and indicates where it belongs. 

  23. Are assistance programs available if I’m not able to take my cart to the curb?

    We designed our carts for easy mobility. They have large wheels under a stable base which makes them easier to maneuver in difficult conditions.

    The assistance program applies to those with temporary or permanent mobility challenges who do not have someone to take their carts to the curb for them and do not have an able-bodied person over 18 years of age living in your residence. We may request documentation from a health care provider.

    Staff will work with you to ensure we meet your needs. We will ensure we provide a satisfactory level of collection service at no additional cost.

    You can apply by email at greenergarbage@saanich.ca or phone at 250-475-5599.