E-bike Incentive Pilot Program

The District of Saanich's Community E-bike Incentive Pilot Program launched on October 12, 2021. The program is now closed to new applicants. This highly popular program offered Saanich residents incentives to purchase new e-bikes for personal transportation.  As a result, there are now over 380 Saanich residents able to travel in an emission-free, healthy, and sustainable way. Over 100 incentives were provided in each of the three income-based incentive tiers.

In early 2023, a report will be presented to Council that includes results to date from the pilot as well as recommendations for future programs. The report will include interim results highlights from the associated UBC study. The final results of the UBC study are expected in late 2023.

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For more information about e-bikes, review this e-bike factsheet [PDF - 4 MB] and vehicle cost comparison sheet [PDF - 407 KB]