Cycling Infrastructure Projects in Saanich

We now design our cycling facilities to be suitable for all ages and skills. Where possible we separate and protect cycling trails and bike lanes from car traffic.

We follow guidelines set out in the Capital Regional District Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan and British Columbia Active Transportation Design Guide.

Each year, we spend about $2 million improving and building bike trails and other cycling projects. Many factors help us decide on which ones are successful:

  • Safety - will you be safe?
  • Priority - is it in our Active Transportation Plan?
  • Connectivity - will it join our existing network?
  • Completion - of bike routes and corridors?
  • Cycling Network - is it identified?

Recent Projects

Try out a couple of our current cycling standards yourself:

  • Borden/Cedar Hill X Rd - McKenzie to Lochside
  • Lansdowne Rd - Shelbourne to Foul Bay
  • Cook Street - Quadra to Maplewood
  • Tillicum Road - Carey to Burnside
  • Larchwood Bike Lanes - Feltham to McKenzie
  • West Saanich Buffered Bike Lanes - Glanford to Royal Oak Shopping Centre
  • Finnerty Avenue - Bidirectional Cycle Track - Sinclair to Arbutus
  • Edgelow Buffered Bike Lanes - Gordon Head to Finnerty


Borden Street

West Saanich – Glanford to Royal Oak Shopping Center

Larchwood Bike lanes – Feltham to Teakwood