Tillicum Road protected bike lanes

We will be installing protected cycling lanes on Tillicum Road with construction starting in early August. This section is an important corridor for safety improvements as it’s a particularly vulnerable area for active transportation users.

  • Saanich Council passed the following motion at the September 27, 2021 Council meeting:
    • That Council ask the Active Transportation Advisory Committee [ATAC] to consider and recommend short term and/or pilot projects to improve road safety and active transportation within the District of Saanich where active transportation projects are determined medium to long term priority areas.

Council approved eight quick build active transportation projects based on recommendations from the Active Transportation Advisory Committee, including the Tillicum Road protected bike lane project, at its March 14, 2022 meeting.

 What we are doing

Saanich will remove two general-purpose vehicle lanes to create protected cycling lanes. Two general purpose and one left-turning lane will remain along Tillicum Road from Arena Road near Tillicum Centre to Saanich’s boundary with the Township of Esquimalt at Tillicum Road Bridge.

Please be aware that this drawing is for information only, is not the final drawing and may change.

Benefits of protected bike lanes

Protected bike lanes offer physical separation from motor vehicle traffic creating safety for all road users among many other benefits. Protected bike lanes:

  • designate space for all road users;
  • increase the comfort of cyclists and promote cycling to new and less confident cyclists;
  • place cyclists in a predictable space on the roadway;
  • keep vehicles completely out of bike lanes (no ability to park or pull over into the lanes); and
  • promote safety for pedestrians due to extra separation from the roadway.

Due to these changes, drivers may see increased traffic delays during peak hours. Staff will monitor any changes to traffic flow and adjust traffic signals as needed.