Mount Douglas Park Access Study

View from the top of Mount Douglas Park

Work in Progress

Park users can now enjoy an accessible parking spot at the Glendenning Trail parking area and the Churchill Drive parking area.

You will find speed limit and no parking signs along Churchill Drive.

Be aware of the no parking signs along Cedar Hill X Road. Please respect our environment and our park neighbours.

Summary Report

Mount Douglas Park is the largest natural park in Saanich. The main objective of the access study was to undertake a comprehensive look at options for improving community access to key trails and facilities in Mount Douglas Park. Key modes of access include cycling, pedestrian, transit and vehicle. The access study is not a park management plan, concept plan or master plan for the park.  

The summary report [PDF - 4.2 MB] contains 25 recommendations developed following an extensive consultation process. This includes the establishment of a stakeholders project advisory team, survey data from more than 700 total participants, a public open house, feedback from three Council Advisory Committees and a detailed access study conducted during the busy summer months. Learn more in the report:


At the request of Saanich Council, staff are working with park stakeholders and the public to prepare a report outlining options to address access to Mount Douglas Park while retaining the ambience of the park and its entrances.

We will develop an access map and plan for the park and surrounding neighbourhood that will look at options for park visitors and will include transportation alternatives (i.e., cycling, transit and walking).

Currently, we have established a Project Advisory Team made up of members of the public and various community groups that regularly use Mount Douglas Park. We have also hired the local office of Urban Systems to help guide the process and develop recommendations for the park.