Trails & Treks

Discover the beauty of Saanich Parks and nature in your backyard. 

Enjoy fresh air, beautiful scenery, a friendly chat and gentle exercise as we take different walks through Saanich parks and trails. A great way to meet people! View the Trails and Treks brochure here September - December.

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Social walk on paved or level gravel surfaces

on paved or groomed
Guided walk
on chip or gravel. May have steep sections
Guided hike. Trails may be steep or rough

Walk & Roll Around the Park

(Spring to Fall Only)
Mondays 11:00am-12:00pm
Leader: Penny
Join our friendly leader for a self-paced group walk and roll around some of Saanich’s beautiful parks. All are welcome! Feel free to use your walking sticks, poles, rolling walker, wheelchair. Choose your own pace and distance, circle the park multiple times, or take the whole hour to do one loop, resting at benches along the way. Parks have been carefully selected for their wide, level pathways and paved, or well-groomed, gravel surfaces. 

Sept. 4 - No Walk (Holiday)

Sept. 11 - Rutledge Park
Meet at park entrance on corner of Scotia and Rutledge Streets Park. On street parking only

Sept. 18 - Horner Park
Meet in main parking lot, Palo Alto Street, off Cedar Hill Cross Road.

Sept. 25 - McMinn Park
Meet near main parking area off Maplegrove Street. On street parking if parking lot is full. 

Oct. 2 – No Walk (Holiday)

Easy Walks 

Mondays 1:30 - 2:30 pm *September-December Hours 
Leader: Penny
One-hour, easy-paced social walks on pavement and smooth trails through parks and interesting neighbourhoods. Where possible, routes avoid steep hills. Please wear supportive shoes.

Sept. 4 - No Walk (Holiday)

Sept. 11 - Beckwith/Lakehill
Meet in Beckwith Park parking lot, on Beckwith Avenue, off Quadra Street.

Sept. 18 - Ten Mile Point
Meet/park by tennis courts at Wedgewood Park, Arbutus Road.

Sept. 25 - Glanford Area
Meet in Glanford Park parking lot, on Kenneth Street,
off Glanford Avenue.

Oct. 2 – No Walk (Holiday)

Oct. 9 - No Walk (Holiday)

Oct. 16 - Cedar Hill/Bowker Creek
Meet at main entrance to Cedar Hill Recreation Centre,
on Cedar Hill Road.

Oct. 23 - Cadboro Bay/Finnerty Cove
Meet/park on Maynard Street by Maynard Park playground.

Oct. 30 - Marigold/South Valley Parks
Meet/park by trailhead for South Valley Park, on Hatfield Road, off Chesterfield and Interurban Roads.

Nov. 6 - Layritz Park/Colquitz Creek
Meet in Layritz Park parking lot, on Layritz Avenue, off Glyn and Interurban Roads.

Nov. 13 - No Walk (Holiday)

Nov. 20 - Braefoot to PKOLS (Mt. Douglas) Park
Meet in Braefoot Centre Park parking lot, off Mackenzie Avenue.

Nov. 27 - Saanich Commonwealth Place/Beaver Lake
Meet at main entrance to Saanich Commonwealth Place,
Elk Lake Drive.

Dec. 4 - McMinn/Outerbridge Parks
Meet at McMinn Park, Maplegrove Street.

Dec. 11 - Saanich Core
Meet/park by entrance to Rutledge Park on Scotia Street,
off Rutledge Street and Tolmie Avenue.

Walk and Talk 

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30 - 11:00 a.m.

Tuesdays Leader: Dianne
Thursdays Leader: John 

Enjoy fresh air, beautiful scenery, a friendly chat and gentle exercise as we take different walks through Saanich parks and trails. Walks follow mainly chip or gravel trails but may have some steep sections. No registration required. Sorry, dogs not permitted.

Sept. 5 - Layritz Park to Brydon Park
Meet at Layritz Park Parking lot; off Glyn Road.

Sept. 7Hyacinth Park and Colquitz Trail 
Meet at parking lot off Marigold Road by tennis courts. (even trail surface)

Sept. 12 - McMinn Park to Rithet’s Bog
Meet at McMinn Park parking lot; Maplegrove Street off Sunnymead Way.

Sept. 14 - Cedar Hill Golf Course – Kingsberry Pond
Meet at Cedar Hill Rec Centre. (steep hill, even trail and
pavement surface)

Sept. 19 - Rosedale Park to Marigold Park
Meet at Rosedale Park on Santa Anita Avenue, by tennis courts

Sept. 21 - Viaduct Flats to Horticulture Centre of Pacific
Meet at Viaduct Flats parking lot, by Interurban Road and Viaduct Ave West intersection,(hills, even trail and pavement surface)

Sept. 26 - Claremont Park to Sea Ridge Park
Meet at Claremont-Goddard Park, 764 Haliburton Road.

Sept. 28 - Lambrick Park to Sierra Park
Meet at Gordon Head Recreation Centre, 4100 Lambrick Way.(pavement surface)

Oct. 3 - Hampton Park to Swan Creek Trail
Meet at Hampton Park, 225 Hampton Road off
Burnside Road West; beside Les Passmore Centre.

Oct 5 - Layritz to Copley to Quick’s Bottom Parks
Meet at Layritz Park parking lot off Glyn Road,
off Wilkinson (hill, even trail and pavement surface)

Oct.10 - Copley West Park to Hyacinth Park
Meet at Copley Park West, 598 Parkridge St., off Vanalman Avenue.

Oct. 12 - Lochside Trail to Beckwith Park
Meet on Lochside Trail in parking lot by Don Mann Excavating, off McKenzie Avenue at Borden. (even trail and pavement surface)

Oct. 17- Cuthbert Holmes Park to Craigflower Park
Meet at Silver City in Tillicum Mall parking lot.

Oct. 19 – PKOLS (Mount Douglas Park) to Glendenning
Meet at washrooms in parking lot off Cordova Bay Road at Ash Road. (hills, even trail and pavement surface)

Oct. 24 - Cedar Hill Park to Rutledge Park
Meet at Cedar Hill Recreation Centre, main doors.

Oct. 26 - Prospect Lake Centennial Trail
Meet at Whitehead Park at Prospect Lake Road &
Goward Road. (even trail and pavement surface)

Oct. 31 - Claremont Park to Royal Oak Burial Park
Meet at Claremont-Goddard Park, 764 Haliburton Road.

Nov. 2 - Rithet’s Bog to Brydon Park
Meet at kiosk on Dalewood, off Chatterton Way. 
(even trail and pavement surface)

Nov. 7 - Portage Inlet
Meet at Helmcken Centennial Park; 130 Helmken Road, beside park building/ball diamond.

Nov. 9 - Sayward Hill
Meet at Lochside Park, off Cordova Bay Road, past Mattick's Farm. (hill, long staircase, even trail and pavement surface)

Nov. 14 - Lambrick Park to Haro Woods Park
Meet near main entrance to Gordon Head Recreation Centre, off Feltham Avenue.

Nov. 16 - Swan Lake
Meet at end of Nelthrope, off McKenzie Avenue.

Nov. 21 - Gorge Waterway
Meet at Gorge Park; 200 Gorge Road West, entry opposite Orilla Street. (even trail and pavement surface)

Nov. 23 - Tod Inlet
Meet at Tod Inlet access, on Wallace Dr, 1 Km south of Benvenuto Avenue. (even trail surface)

Nov. 28 - Braefoot Park to King’s Pond
Meet at Braefoot Park parking lot; 1359 McKenzie Avenue.

Nov. 30 -  Swan Lake, Reynolds, Playfair Parks
Meet at end of Nelthrope, off McKenzie Avenue.
(even trail and pavement surface)

Dec. 5 - Beckwith Park to Rainbow Park
Meet by washroom building in Beckwith Park off Beckwith Avenue.

Dec. 7 -  UVic Alumni Chip Trail
Meet at Henderson Recreation Centre, 2291 Cedar
Hill X Road.(even trail surface)

Dec. 12 - Glanford Park to Mount View Park
Meet at Glanford Park, 600 Kenneth Street, off Glanford Avenue.

Dec. 14 -  Interurban Rail Trail
Meet at Whitehead Park, at Prospect Lake Road
& Goward Road parking lot. (sidewalk, even trail surface)

Sunday Hikes       

Sundays 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.   
Leader: Penny

Discover the beauty and variety of Saanich parks on our 2-hour Sunday Hikes, which are open to anyone who enjoys longer invigorating walks. As routes may include rural trails with steep rough sections, please wear sturdy footwear and bring water.

Sept. 17 - Lake to Lake
Meet at the parking area for Whitehead Park on Prospect Lake Road.

Oct. 15 - Cadboro Bay to Ten Mile Point
Meet by washroom block, Cadboro Gyro Park.

Nov. 12 - Elk/Beaver Lake
Meet by Nature Centre at main beach, off Beaver Lake Road.

Dec. 10 - Playfair to Beckwith
Meet at Playfair Park parking lot off Rock and Quadra Streets.

Any questions please call Alison at 250-475-5408 or email