Mobile Food Vendors

Saanich Parks is pleased to welcome mobile food vendors to many of our parks!

Want to see where food vendors are? Find out here: Victoria, BC: Today's Food Truck Locations (

Vendor Application Information

Pre-approved parks and designated set up areas

We have pre-approved parks for mobile food vendors (click on park for park map and designated area's)

  1. Cadboro-Gyro Park
  2. Rutledge Park
  3. Beckwith Park 
  4. Whitehead Park 
  5. Craigflower- Kosapsom Park
  6. Horner Park
  7. Brydon Park 

Other parks may be considered; however, please note that the permit process may take additional time, as it is subject to a site inspection and subsequent approval.

Hours of operation

Vendors may choose to operate year-round between 9 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week, and must leave the park by 10 pm daily.


First-come first-served basis. Applications are accepted up to 2 weeks before the first date of the desired two week block. See the schedule below for more details. 

Please note that there may be other vendors selling similar food concurrently. Please use the Victoria Street Food App to see where other food vendors may be located!


Check out the full list of Mobile Food Vendor Requirements [PDF - 158 KB]


  • Daily rate $89.50 inc tax. best for one-off bookings. 
  • 3-month period rate $268.50 inc tax. Best for vendors wanting to book more than one date and at different parks for up to 3 months. 
  • Yearly rate $447.50 inc tax. Best for vendors looking to book multiple dates and at different parks throughout the year. 

 Application Process

  • Interested mobile food vendors please read the Mobile Food Vendor Requirements [PDF - 158 KB] document, and
  • Fill out the application form [PDF - 595 KB]
  • Email the completed application form to along with these required documents:
    • Valid business license (must be valid in Saanich)
    • Copy of commercial general liability insurance with minimum limits of $2M with ‘The District of Saanich’ named as additional insured, and minimum $2M third party liability vehicle insurance.
    • Island Health Certification 
    • Saanich Fire Department Inspection Report
    • FOODSAFE Certificate

Applications are accepted at 8 a.m PST up to 14 days before the first date of the desired 2-week block. Please see application schedule below

For example: If you want to book Rutledge Park Area B for July 20, 2024 the earliest you can apply is July 5, 2024 at 8 am.

Once the vendor has recieved the tentative permit from Saanich Parks they will have 48 hours to send the signed copy of the permit, payment and all required documents to confirm the park permit. After 48 hours, if the vendor has not submitted the required items, the location and date requested will be released to other applicants. 


 Applications are accepted at 8 a.m PST up to 14 days before the first date of the desired block. 

List of 2 week blocks

Application Open

(8 am)

June 29 through to July 4 June 26
July 5 through to July 18 June 26
July 19 through to August 1 July 5
August 2 through to August 15 July 19
August 16 through to August 29 August 2
August 30 through to September 12 August 16
September 13 through to September 26 August 30