Financial Reports

Annual Reports

Council must approve audited financial statements by May 15 each year. This is a requirement of the Community Charter. These statements show:

  • Our financial position at the end of the year.
  • Our financial operations for the year compared to the budget.
  • Information on our accounting policies.
  • Information on how many of the numbers are calculated and what they mean.

You’ll find our financial statements in the Annual Report along with other information:

  • General information about Saanich.
  • Introduction to our elected officials.
  • An explanation of the strategic planning and reporting structure.
  • Our Strategic Plan, progress and results.
  • Department accomplishments for the past year.

View the Consolidated Financial Statements (as part of the Annual Report) below.

Financial results at a glance

The following documents provide a high level overview of the financial statements for the year.

Statement of Financial Information

In addition to financial statements, municipalities must submit a Statement of Financial Information (SOFI). We submit the SOFI in accordance with the Financial Information Act. We need to do this by June 30 each year. The SOFI must include the following:

  • Financial Statements.
  • Schedule of debts.
  • Schedule of guarantee and indemnity agreements.
  • Schedule of council remuneration and expenses.
  • Schedule of employee remuneration and expenses.
  • Statement of severance agreements.
  • Schedule of payment to suppliers of goods and services.
  • Schedule of grants.

Download a SOFI below.