Cart Cleanliniess

It’s your job to keep your carts and kitchen container clean. We’ve put together some tips to help you (JPG - 122 KB) prevent smell and keep pests away. 

Kitchen Containers

  • Keep lids tightly closed.
  • Line the bottom of your container. Newspaper or paper towel both absorb moisture.
  • Layer kitchen scraps with food soiled paper products. Imagine a paper towel lasagna.
  • Freeze meat scraps until pick up day.
  • Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda, garden lime or vinegar in your containers.
  • Empty your kitchen container frequently. Wash or rinse it out as you need to.

Garbage and Organics Recycling Carts

  • Line the bottom of your cart with newspaper.
  • Layer kitchen scraps with yard trimmings.
  • Store carts in a secure, cool, ventilated location.
  • Bring your carts out for collection even if not full.
  • Rinse carts as you need to.

Lining your containers

You don’t need to line your container or carts [PDF - 367 KB] but many find it helps to keep them clean. It also makes it easier and less messy to move kitchen scraps to the organics cart. 

Liner Options

  • Paper bags.
  • Wrap kitchen scraps in newspaper.
  • Certified compostable bags. 

You can buy large paper and compostable bags at most local retailers. Try the supermarket, hardware store or garden centre.

You can make your own kitchen container liner from newspaper [PDF - 107 KB] or watch the video.

Compostable Bags

We only accept certified compostable bags. Look for the word compostable and the following logos on the packaging:

  • Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI).
  • Bureau de normalisation du Quebec (BNQ).


Keep plastics out of your organics recycling cart. They contaminate the grade A compost produced.