Climate-Friendly Home Incentives

Burning fossil fuels (e.g. natural gas or oil) for space and water heating in our buildings is the second largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in our community. You can make your home more climate-friendly by upgrading to a renewable energy system at time of replacement (for example, a central or ductless heat pump), and improving the efficiency of your home. This page is for existing home upgrades to detached and semi-detached homes. If you're looking for other rebates, check out Saanich's new construction rebate or the rebates for multi-unit and commercial buildings including condos. 

Incentives for renewable and efficiency upgrades

(Terms apply and rebates are subject to change.)

Bring It Home 4 Climate: Support for making your home climate-friendly. Before you get started, talk for free to an unbiased expert about energy improvement options and which ones may be right for you and your home. Find help and advice on getting started, creating a retrofit plan for your home, understanding heat pump technologies and what to look for, how to find a contractor, comparing quotes and more. 

Heat pump rebates:

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Insulation, windows, energy evaluations, and other incentives:

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Why make the switch from natural gas or oil to a heat pump?

  • A heat pump can be three times as efficient as a natural gas furnace
  • Heat pumps are climate-friendly, running on renewable, low carbon electricity
  • If switching from oil, you will save between 40 – 75% on your energy bills each year; homes switching from natural gas will have similar energy costs with a heat pump.


Free, expert advice from CleanBC Better Homes Energy Coach Service

CleanBC Better Homes is BC's online hub for homeowners to access information, incentives and support to reduce energy use and carbon pollution in new and existing homes. Right now there are tens of thousands of dollars of rebates available across a wide variety of retrofits, so use this step-by-step Rebate Guide to get started.

A free Energy Coach Service is available through a phone and email hotline if you have questions about specific rebate programs, home energy upgrade options, EnerGuide home evaluations, or if you just don’t know where to start. Contact the free Energy Coach Service at 1-844-881-9790, or visit

For resources and incentives for commercial, institutional, and multi-unit residential buildings, go to CleanBC Better Buildings at