Bylaws & Policies

See our brochure for an overview of environmental bylaws and policies in Saanich. 

Tree Preservation Bylaw

This bylaw prevents the unnecessary removal and damage of protected trees on all lands within Saanich. The urban forest gives us beauty and preserves our environment and quality of life.

Visit the Parks page  for more.

Noxious Weeds Bylaw

This bylaw may require Saanich property owners to remove:

  • “Bylaw listed” noxious weeds.
  • Or any other invasive plants that are likely to spread or become a nuisance to other property.

Invasive species are those that have been introduced from outside of their native region, and become a threat to local ecosystems.

Learn more on the Noxious Weeds Bylaw page.

Pesticide Bylaw

The bylaw limits the use of pesticides for the purpose of maintaining outdoor trees, shrubs, flowers, other ornamental plants and turf on private or public land. There are exemptions to this bylaw as well as the potential to get a permit.

Find out more on the Pesticide Bylaw page.