Business Licence Inspections

Guidelines for New Business Licence Requirements

In applying for a business licence in Saanich, the applicant has agreed to comply with the bylaws and regulations of the Corporation of The District of Saanich.

Prior to the approval of a business licence, all construction files and permits pertaining to this business must be completed and finalized.

Below is a list of requirements that will be checked during on-site inspection of your business:

  • Civic address and/or unit  number must be permanently attached to the building, adjacent to the main entrance and visible from the street.
  • Every business is required to have at least one fire extinguisher with a minimum rating of 2A 10BC. This type of fire extinguisher is commonly known as a multipurpose 5 pound extinguisher.
  • The extinguisher must be wall mounted at least 4 inches from the ground and no higher than 5 feet and be readily accessible by anyone.
  • Watch a YouTube inspection preparation video clip.

Before a business licence is approved, there will be an inspection completed by one of our Fire Prevention officers to ensure the minimum fire safety requirements have been met.

If there are deficiencies noted during the on-site inspection, a Correction Notice will be issued.  These items must be corrected prior to the issuing of a business licence.

If you have any further questions regarding the fire safety requirements or would like to book your business licence inspection, please contact Saanich Fire Prevention.