Beaches and Beach Access

We have lots of great beaches in Saanich!  Enjoy a popular beach like Cadboro Bay, or discover a secluded cove at a beach access point near you.Water View from Cordova Bay Park

How do I get to the beach?

There are 32 public beach accesses along our ocean shores and 4 at Prospect Lake.

Most popular beaches

Enjoy the area 

  • Please respect neighbours - keep noise to a volume that does not disturb others.
  • Only park in valid parking spots - never block private property or driveways. If no parking, please come back another time to enjoy or use other modes of transportation.
  • Be sensitive to the plants and animals living along our shores - stay on path - leave nothing but memories, take nothing but pictures. 
  • Pack it in, pack it out - take all items including your trash with you when you leave.
  • Don’t light beach fires.
  • Parks and trails are not the place to smoke, vape or use cannabis products as per the CRD Clean Air Bylaw
  • Some beaches have dog restrictions - keep animals under control and always collect and properly dispose of waste.
  • Parks takes care of formal trails leading to beach access points from parks. These stay uncut during bird and small animal nesting season.

Can I launch a boat?

Yes, though access varies. We don’t have any public trailer boat launches along the ocean in Saanich.

Trailer boat launches - fresh water lake access

Car-top boat launches (small boats, kayaks, paddle boards, etc.)

You can comfortably launch car-top boats (i.e., hand carried) in many places, including:

Doing work along the shore?

If you need equipment access to your beach front property, email Environmental Services (in the parks department) to obtain a beach access permit. Ensure before work starts you have approval and are following all environmental protocols.