Estimated Bills

If we can’t read your water meter we will estimate the consumption using previous billing history. You will receive a bill with a green “first estimation” stamp, or a red “second estimation” stamp. A bill message will tell you the reason for estimating and the bill will ask you to clear the meter.

Where is my Meter?

Most meters are on or near the property or boulevard line.

graphic of GIS map showing property lines

Look for a 10x15 inch rectangular meter box with a removable lid.

Common reasons to clear the meter:

  • Shrubs or vegetation growing over meter box.
  • Lawn or turf growing over meter box lid.
  • Soil, bark mulch or leaves covering meter box.
  • Decorative planters placed on meter box.

These pictures show a meter box before and after the vegetation has been cut back.

photo of hedge that needs trimming for water meter accessphoto of hedge that has been trimmed for water meter access

These pictures show two meter boxes overgrown with grass and a meter box after it has been cleared.

Clearing access to your meter provides:

  • Accurate meter readings.
  • Correct water and sewer charges.
  • Proper consumption history.

After the Meter is Clear

Call us at 250-475-5445 when the meter is cleared so we can read the meter and send you another bill. If you don’t clear your meter 30 days after a second estimation, we may charge you $25. 

Good Things to Keep in Mind

  • Keep the meter lid free from soil, gravel, bark mulch and leaves.
  • Don’t place planters or paving stones on the meter lid.
  • Don’t plant trees or shrubs near a meter box.