Building Retrofit Strategy

On July 24, 2023, Council adopted the Saanich Building Retrofit Strategy.

The Building Retrofit Strategy is focused on reducing operational GHG emissions from community and corporate buildings, and improving resilience to extreme heat and air quality risks. The strategy was developed based on several years of implementation experience, a refined building stock assessment and policy modelling, and stakeholder engagement and feedback.

The Building Retrofit Strategy outlines 46 actions in five strategy areas:

  • Municipal Policy and Regulation
  • Advocacy for Provincial Policy and Regulation
  • Municipal Incentives and Supports
  • Research, Partnerships and Collaboration
  • Demonstrating Leadership

Ten High Impact Actions have been identified as being within Saanich’s control and having the greatest impact on GHG reduction, resilience, equity and market transformation. 


High Impact Action

Municipal Policy and Regulation: PR1

Require the removal of oil heating systems by 2030.

Municipal Policy and Regulation: PR2

Implement mandatory building energy benchmarking and disclosure for large Part 3 buildings.

Municipal Policy and Regulation: PR8

Support the Province’s design and delivery of the Highest Efficiency Equipment Standard and implement the early adoption pathway for local governments.

Municipal Incentives and Supports: IN1

Work with regional partners to implement a Strata Energy Advisor Program.

Municipal Incentives and Supports: IN2

Scale up the Heat Pump Financing Program for Part 9 homes.

Municipal Incentives and Supports: IN3

Implement a low-income direct install program for fossil fuel to heat pump conversions, subject to the findings of the feasibility study.

Municipal Incentives and Supports: IN4

Incentivize electrification through a Revitalization Tax Exemption (RTE) program for Part 3 Buildings.

Demonstrating Leadership: LD1

Upgrade all existing District facilities to be Zero Carbon and 100% renewably fueled, prioritizing electrification first.

Demonstrating Leadership: LD2

Upgrade District facilities to incorporate cooling and air filtration.

Monitoring and Reporting

Develop and report on new resilience metric: Number and percentage of Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (buildings and units) at risk of overheating.

Together, the identified actions will help to accelerate the uptake of building retrofits and electrification in our community, recognizing the critical role retrofits to existing buildings play in achieving our climate targets. Progress on implementation will be reported as part of Saanich’s annual Climate Plan Report Card

Supporting Documents: