Environmentally Significant Areas (ESA) Atlas

ESA’s are sites or areas that have environmental attributes worthy of retention or special care. Environmental Services produces the Environmentally Significant Areas Atlas. It is available at all Saanich Public libraries, Camosun College and UVic libraries and at the Saanich Planning, Engineering, Public Works, and Parks Departments. The Full Version should be used for printing. Please feel free to view the Smaller Version online. Many of these inventories are conveniently located on our SaanichMap service. Find out more about the inventories in the ESA Atlas.

Streamside Development Permit Area (SDPA) Atlas

The Streamside Development Permit Area was adopted in 2006 to comply with the Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) of the provincial Fish Protection Act to protect the land adjacent to streams that directly or indirectly support fish. The SDPA Atlas has mapped these streams and riparian areas and identifies setbacks to protect them. This inventory is also available on our SaanichMap service.