Environmental Reference Atlas

What is the ER Atlas?

The ER Atlas was first published in 1999 to display inventories of vegetation, animal habitat, ecosystems, and natural features. It has been updated to display more recent data and new inventories. The ER Atlas is for information purposes only. For detailed information on the history of the ER Atlas, please see Saanich Environmental Mapping Backgrounder

What does the ER Atlas show?

The upcoming 2021 ER Atlas displays the following environmental inventories:

To help interpret the inventories, you may also wish to read our factsheet: Environmental Reference Atlas Interpretation Factsheet.

Where can I see the ER Atlas?

View the digital 2011 version here:

Find the hard copy version here:

  • Saanich Public libraries
  • Camosun College library
  • University of Victoria library
  • Saanich Planning, Engineering, Public Works and Parks Departments

Most of the data from the ESA Atlas can be viewed using SaanichMap

Cover page of the Atlas