Visit our free, regularly changing exhibitions at The Arts Centre and at Saanich Municipal Hall

The Arts Centre at Cedar Hill

Current Exhibitions:  

September 10-29, 2019

  • Main Gallery:  Island Illustrators Society, “Every.Day.Art," Exhibition and Community Art Project Celebrating Culture Days, September 27-29”
    ~ Celebrate Culture Days in Saanich: www.culturedays.ca
  • Cafe Gallery: Liz Dailey and Debbie Bernier “The Feminine Dimension”


Saanich Municipal Hall

Current Exhibitions:  

August 29 – September 23, 2019

  • Main Floor Window: Wendy Duffield
  • Main Floor & Second Floor Galleries:  Peter Loebel


Upcoming Exhibitions:  

September 26 – October 28, 2019

  • Main Floor Window: Mike Lathrop
  • Main Floor Gallery & Reception Wall: Barbara Tolloczko, “Variations on the Theme of Life”
  • Second Floor Gallery & Administration Wall: Keith Taylor, “Birds and Scenery”



Interested in exhibiting? 

The Arts Centre at Cedar Hill

Exhibition space at The Arts Centre at Cedar Hill is provided on a rotating basis for the display of regional arts and culture.  Two galleries are available:  the Main Gallery and Café Gallery.  There is a fee for rental and exhibitions are typically 3 weeks in duration. A call for submissions is done once annually. Applications are reviewed by committee and applicants are notified once selections are made.

Applications for 2020 exhibitions are now being accepted until September 16, 2019. Late applications may be accepted on a waitlist basis if space permits; applying by the deadline is recommended for best opportunities.

 Saanich Municipal Hall

Saanich provides free exhibition space to promote local artists at Saanich Municipal Hall.  Exhibitions will be up to 6 weeks in duration. Applications for 2020 exhibitions are now being accepted until October 1, 2019. Applications received by this date will be reviewed and scheduled. Any applications received after October 1 will be considered if there are openings available and a waitlist is maintained.

To apply, please review the Sannich Municipal Hall Exhibition Information and Guidelines and complete and return the application form.