Visit a Saanich Park

Two young children running down a trail while laughingExplore nature in your local neighbourhood park. Please take pictures and add the hashtag #SaanichParks and tag @saanichprcs (Facebook), @saanparksreccoms (Instagram) or @SaanichParksRec (Twitter) with your observations. Check out the maps showing parks and trails.

Saanich is home to diverse natural areas including wildflower meadows, forests, streams, wetlands, seashores, rocky hilltops and more. These spaces provide important wildlife habitat as well as opportunities for everyone to respect nature’s gifts.

Enjoy some of the unique ecosystems you can find in Saanich Parks:

  • Garry Oak habitats (meadows, woodlands, rocky outcrops)
  • Salmon-bearing streams
  • Coastal shorelines
  • Douglas-fir forests
  • Riparian habitats
  • Wetlands and bogs


"With every walk-in nature, one receives far more than [they] seek"

John Muir