Let nature give back boosting your spirit

Let nature give back to your senses including sight, smell, touch and sound. When you are out and about in nature, take a moment to observe, breathe in, pat a tree, and listen to the wind and birds. These small actions can help increase mindfulness, creativity and boost your spirit.  

 Some ideas to try:

  • Be creative – let the natural environment inspire painting, writing, sketching, etc.
  • Practice mindfulness and meditation – allow yourself to be more present
  • Journal – write down your feelings can help some to be more aware of their emotions
  • Volunteer with an environmental group or donate to a cause you to believe in
  • Deeply inhale the scent of your favourite flower, fresh-cut grass or the air after a rainfall
  • Stand in the warmth of a sunbeam, or the cool of a stream
  • Listen to soothing water flowing, wind through trees or birds singing
  • Walk barefoot on the grass
  • Watch the clouds float past, or the stars shine at night
  • Ground yourself by pressing your back up against the trunk of a tree