Global Age-Friendly Cities

Designing our community so that programs and services are friendly to adults and seniors as they age is a priority.

The World Health Organization designated Saanich a Global Age-Friendly City. 


  • recognize the great diversity among older persons; 
  • promote their inclusion and contribution to community; 
  • respect their decisions and lifestyle choices; and
  • anticipate and respond flexibly to aging related needs and preferences.
Read our Age-Friendly Cities Project Report [PDF - 951 KB] to find out about initiatives and future plans to keep our community age-friendly.

We encourage older adults to maintain their healthy and active lifestyles. We aim to provide a positive environment where aging residents:

  • can live healthy and active lives well into their senior years;
  • are valued for their skills and life experiences; and
  • participate in the community in ways that they choose.