Rings, by Tyler Hodgins

Metal Statue“Rings” by Tyler Hodgins at Centennial Trail celebrates 100 years of Saanich.

In forming the artwork out of steel, the artist wanted to create a contrast for the viewer between the natural setting of the artwork and the industrial business in the immediate area. The farming activity in the valley also provides context for the art work. The steel rings have left their mark on their concrete base, as the blades of farmers’ tools would mark the earth.

The placement of the sculpture at ground level makes it approachable for those passing by. Viewers can gaze at or through, touch and even sit in this sculptural representation of time. The changing shadows cast from the piece also mark and record the passing of time.

Mr. Hodgins work is primarily sculptural, and includes video, photography, installations and public art. Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria exhibit his art. It is also enjoyed in both private and public collections across Canada and the United States. Tyler lives in Victoria with his wife and three children.

About the Project Process

We believe public art is important to create a sense of place and to celebrate the centennial year. As such, we called together a citizen jury in 2005 to choose a piece of public art for the Centennial Trail: 

  • Three local artists.
  • Thee neighbourhood association representatives.
  • One Parks and Recreation Department staff member.

We asked artists to submit a proposal that addressed the broad themes of “Family” and/or “Celebrating 100 Years of Saanich”. 

Cover Page of Brochure

Rings Brochure [PDF - 566 KB]