Arts Policies

The arts are part of our lives. They are around us everywhere. Our Comprehensive Arts Policy:

  • Shows our support for the arts.
  • Provides policy direction.
  • Consolidates all arts-related policies together

The Vision

Saanich is a lively and creative community. It’s accessible to artists, to a broad range of artistic expression and to the participation of all our residents. 


Encourage, promote and support the arts and artists municipally and regionally for the benefit and opportunity of all of our residents. 

Arts Objectives

  • Develop community spirit.
  • Individual growth through access to the arts.
  • Public awareness of local and regional artistic talent.
  • Educate about, participate in and enjoy the arts, locally and regionally.
  • Recognize and promote excellence and diversity within the artistic community. 

Arts Policies

Ongoing community participation in Greater Victoria is crucial to the success of a coordinated regional arts program and strategy success. We fund and support individuals and groups by working closely with many agencies:  

  • Capital Regional District (CRD)
  • Other municipalities
  • School districts
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Tourism Victoria
  • Other agencies

A healthy community includes access to and participation in the arts. It starts with us:  we create artistic
opportunities for all of our citizens in many ways.

  • Recreation plans
  • Parks programs
  • Garden art
  • Venue space for performances and events (theatres and park space)
  • Annual events
  • Arts inventory and maintenance
  • Grants
  • Public art
  • Adding artistic elements and high quality design in new developments


We encourage the private sector to add public art to developments:

  • With significant public areas;
  • Or that have areas designed for or intended for public use.

They can also provide a cash donation for civic public art.

We also offer a jury process to private developments. This jury process is for projects that have a public art component. Our plaque inscription program also recognizes cash donations.

View our arts policy in the PDF links below. You can also get copies at the Planning Department for $10.

Public Art

Public art is an important aspect of public spaces. It gives us physical and economic benefits. That’s why we fund public art a number of ways: 

Capital Budgets for Above Ground Projects

  • 1% of the value.
  • Purchase or commission and maintenance of public art.
  • Integrated into or displayed in public areas.

Municipal Building Construction/Renovation or Park Redevelopment

  • 1% of the budget in excess of $250,000.
  • Purchase or commission of public art for that building, structure or park.

Park Development

  • 1% of the value in excess of $250,000.
  • Purchase or commission of public art for parks.

Support for Arts in Schools

We have long partnered with local School Districts 61 and 63. Examples include:

  • The Art 2000 Millennium Mural Project.
  • Totally Teen Talent.
  • Saanich Family Christmas. 

Views to CRD Public Art

A new website called LandMarks - Public Art in the Capital Regional District lists art work guided by public policy and placed in a public space within Capital Region municipalities.

Private Sector Public Art

The private sector owns the vast majority of our urban space. As a result, architecture and public space depend on private developers to take an interest in good urban design and in art. Good urban design contributes to public enjoyment, and art can enhance that enjoyment.