A mural is artwork painted or applied directly on a wall or other large permanent surface.  It typically covers the whole wall or a large part of it.

Wall signs

A wall sign painted on an exterior wall may only cover a maximum of 15% of the wall (see Sign Bylaw). A wall sign requires a Sign Permit.

Mural Approval

To paint or apply a mural on a building in Saanich, the design must receive Council or public art jury approval.

Saanich’s Comprehensive Arts Policy outlines a public art jury process for the selection of any civic public art. This ensures we choose artwork through an equitable process. We also want the art to bring value to the neighbourhood, the arts community and the property owner.

We encourage the private sector to follow the public art jury process to choose a mural design.

Public Art Jury Process

Please see Section 7.2 of the Comprehensive Arts Policy [PDF - 1.9 MB] for details on the jury process.

Here is a brief outline:

  • Select a project jury including:
    • 3 artists.
    • 1 member from the local community association.
    • 1 land owner or commissioning agency representative.
    • Prepare a project brief or terms of reference including judging criteria.
    • Advertise a ‘Request for Proposals’ based on the project brief.
    • Artists submit entries.
    • The project jury chooses a winning submission.
    • We the send a copy of the project brief, list of
      jury members and images of winning proposals to the Planning Department

Planning a Mural In Saanich Brochure [PDF - 3.7 MB] 

Murals in Saanich

Rudd Park
Located at Boleskine Road & Irma Street


Lumber World mural
Located at Quadra Street & Reynolds Avenue
Artist – Paul Archer

Quadra street art
Located at Quadra Street & Tattersall Road
Saanich Gary oak woodland overlooking the Salish Sea
Artist Steve Milroy

Rogers Elementary School
Located at 765 Rogers Avenue
Gary oak woodland and meadow
Artist Joanne Thomson. 
Painted with the assistance of Rogers Elementary School students.

Craigflower Elementary School
Located at 2766 Admirals Road
Coast Salish First Nations Welcome
Artist Morgan Macaulay, Butch Dick and Darlene Gait.
Painted with the assistance of Craigflower Elementary School students.

Peninsula Runners mural
Located at 3659 Shelbourne Street
Artist – Steve Milroy

Bicycle sports mural
Located at 1092 Colverdale Avenue
Artist – Steve Milroy