The District of Saanich defines murals as artwork painted or applied directly on a wall or other large permanent surface, and which typically cover the whole wall or a large part of it. Beyond their layers of paint, murals make art accessible within our public spaces and places, enhance our neighbourhoods, and enrich our community. They foster a sense of place, pride, and belonging. They can also create opportunities to celebrate our diverse cultures and histories, and provide opportunities for artists to develop their practice and engage with communities.

Saanich recently launched a new project that aims to add vibrancy and placemaking opportunities through the commissioning of outdoor murals. Learn more about the project and three murals commissioned at three Saanich parks: 2022 Community Canvas Mural Project.

In addition, property owners, community groups and artists interested in applying to install a mural, can learn more about this process here: Mural Application Process.

(Image at top of page: "Taking Flight" by artist Claire Crawford, for the 2022 Community Canvas Mural Project)