How to Nominate Someone

Award eligibility

  • You can nominate anyone as long as their environmental work impacts Saanich.
  • If the nominee works in an environmental field, share how their work exceeds their job requirements.
  • Members of the Environment and Natural Areas Committee, Saanich staff and Saanich Council cannot receive awards.
  • Nominations must be submitted by the deadline, signed (submitted by paper) or by personal declaration (submitted on-line).
  • Past recipients can receive awards for different projects in these award categories: Business, Individual Citizen, Long-Term Environmental Achievement and Youth.

Evaluation criteria

The Environmental and Natural Areas Advisory Committee evaluates nominations on:

  • Award purpose and eligibility
  • Duration of efforts: how long the initiative took to accomplish as a measure of effort
  • Magnitude of effort: the amount of personal effort involved
  • Long-term effect of efforts: the legacy, the sustainability of outcomes
  • Significance of efforts: how far reaching were the outcomes in the greater community
  • Use of innovation: new techniques, tools, audiences, etc.
  • Past efforts: other accomplishments that show a history of effort.