2020 Award Winners

2020 Winners Summary [PDF - 4 MB]

Individual Environmental Achievement
Lori James Derry

Lori is receiving the individual award for her volunteer achievements in environmental restoration and stewardship in the Prospect Lake area.  Lori contributes considerable time to her volunteer efforts, including restoration and stewardship at Whitehead Park, Killarney Creek, South Prospect Lake Park, Tod Flats and the Native Plant Garden at Prospect Lake Elementary School.  She has brought additional talents to this valuable work such as designing plant labels for community enjoyment and education, a plant identification manual, photography, as well as building and maintaining a website that provides valuable community resources.  Lori has been a key organizer for community stewardship events, fundraising, and serves as an active member of the Friends of Tod Creek Watershed and the Prospect Lake Heritage Society.

Volunteer Organization
Power to Be Adventure Therapy Society

The Power to Be Adventure Therapy Society is being recognized with the volunteer organization award for stewardship, restoration, and youth empowerment. Power to Be, an organization that has created inclusive opportunities in nature for over 20 years, began a long-term lease of the 78 acre former Prospect Lake Golf Course site in 2016.  Since then, the organization has been committed to environmental stewardship of the site including partnerships that have enabled restoration and habitat enhancement activities, and principles like “Leave No Trace” programming. Their barrier-free nature and stewardship experiences empower and support youth.  Efforts on site have included invasive species removal, tree planting, habitat creation (such as bat boxes, turtle logs and barn swallow ledges), research opportunities, as well as a commitment to the One Planet Saanich initiative.

Red Barn Market

The Red Barn Market is receiving the business award for leadership in local food security and sustainable business practices.  This business started as a small farm market in rural Saanich and has grown to a locally-owned grocery supporting local producers and communities by providing local products.  Also committed to reducing their carbon footprint, the business supports alternative transportation to access their markets and has experimented with initiatives such as fuel-free courier delivery. The Red Barn Market’s business practices include an extensive recycling program, re-use of unsold produce, and regular donations that support community stewardship efforts

Arbutus Global Middle School

Arbutus Middle School is being recognized with the youth award for their commitment to environmental stewardship and restoration at Haro and Hollydene Parks.  For over 4 years, student efforts in Hollydene Park, and more recently Haro Park, have included invasive plant removal, mulching, and planting native plants.  Students have developed connections to the natural areas and some have put in additional time removing invasive plants outside of school hours.  The support of Arbutus Middle School in community stewardship activities empowers students to make a difference in their community and potentially to develop a life-long sense of environmental stewardship.

Biodiversity Conservation
Dr. Hans Roemer

Dr. Hans Roemer is receiving the Biodiversity Conservation Award for his research, stewardship, and leadership in protecting rare ecosystems in Saanich and beyond.  Dr. Roemer’s work has focused on Garry Oak ecosystems, Ecological Reserves, and protecting and carefully documenting rare ecosystems. His knowledge guided the original Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory in the region and he has served as a positive advocate for conservation.  Dr. Roemer’s own garden in Saanich is a testament to his work on Garry Oak ecosystem restoration and protection.

Compost Education Centre

The Compost Education Centre (CEC) is being recognized with the Sustainability Award for leadership in compost education and environmental stewardship.  For 28 years, the CEC has provided the region with a variety of accessible programs and demonstration gardens, supporting residents to develop the tools and skills needed to compost, reduce waste, grow food and conserve soil and water. In addition, the CEC has recently made a collaborative partnerships with Royal Roads University for a Healing City Soils program with hands-on training, free soil testing, and resources. The work of the Compost Education Centre is community building and potentially has long-term environmental benefits as residents increase soil stewardship and their actions for sustainable living.

Long Term Achievement
Dave Lock (Awarded Posthumously)

Dave Lock is being honoured posthumously with the Long-term Achievement Award for his leadership in restoration and stewardship at Mt. Tolmie Park. Dave gave incredible passion and energy to his work at Mt. Tolmie Park for over 25 years, as well as to the community.  He excelled at engaging student volunteers in conservation efforts but welcomed all ages to join him in ecological restoration, stewardship and enjoyment of the rare ecosystems in the Park.  An example of his commitment and energy was single-handedly hosting 30 invasive events with over 600 volunteer hours provided in one year.  Dave spent thousands of hours carefully removing invasive species from the park with meticulous planning and record keeping.  His reach was far, including volunteers, students, naturalist groups, researchers and government staff - all gravitating to his clear, warm communication style, his expertise and his passion. Local schools and volunteers have pledged to carry on Dave’s stewardship legacy.


Honourable Mention
Mt. Douglas Pulling Together Team

The Mt. Douglas Pulling Together Team is receiving an Honourable Mention for volunteer achievements in restoration and stewardship at Mt. Douglas Park.  Led by Judy Spearing for over 15 years, this team has restored large areas of disturbed ecosystems in the 184 ha park.  This work has included a 14 year battle with a substantial Garlic Mustard outbreak as well as clearing large amounts of ivy, blackberry, and broom from the park.  Their work has also had a positive impact for the environmental health of neighbouring areas.  This volunteer team’s work has included collaborating with community volunteers, educating park visitors, and working with Saanich Parks staff in their creative and dedicated stewardship efforts.

Summary of Past Winners

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