Winter Road Maintenance

We make use of state-of-the-art technology to monitor when cold weather is coming.

What happens when cold weather is forecasted?

Crews work around the clock pre-treating our roads with a de-icing brine to reduce potentially hazardous conditions.

What about snow clearing?

When a lot of snowfall is likely, we have to ensure our pre-determined priority routes are safe and passable.  These first priority routes include:

  • Major and collector streets.
  • Public Transit routes designated as Snow Emergency Routes.
  • Major residential hills. We work hard to get to them within 24 hours of a snowfall.

Once these routes are safe and passable, we are then start on minor collector roads and residential streets.  Plowing will continue as long as adverse weather conditions exist.

Please direct all requests, comments and concerns to Public Works 250-475-5599.

Who clears my sidewalk?

It's up to you to keep the sidewalks around your house clear.

Public Works is responsible for clearing sidewalks on bridges.