Winter Road Maintenance

We make use of specific weather technology to monitor when cold weather is coming.

What happens when cold weather is forecasted?

Crews work around the clock pre-treating our roads with an anti-icing brine to reduce potentially hazardous conditions.  The anti-icing brine can stay on the road for a number of days helping to reduce the bonding of snow and from ice freezing to the pavement providing a safer driving road surface. 

Which roads are cleared of snow first?

When a lot of snowfall is likely, we have a commitment to ensure our priority (high volume) routes are safe and passable.  These priority roads require a 24 hour response as long as poor driving conditions exist.

Our first priority routes include:

  • Major and collector streets consisting of high volume roads and streets that connect us to our transportation system.
  • Designated BC Transit bus routes.
  • Pre-identified steep hills. We attempt to get to these within 24 hours of a heavy snowfall.

Snow plowing priority routes will continue as long as adverse weather conditions exist.  Once these routes remain safe and passable, we then start on our lower traffic volume minor collector roads and residential streets.

Please direct all requests, comments and concerns to Public Works 250-475-5599, 24/7 

When are bike lanes cleared of snow?

Cyclist are to use caution when riding in winter conditions.  We do our best to incorporate bike lanes when clearing our roads although at this time, we're not equipped to provide snow clearing from any of the protected bike lanes.

Who clears sidewalks?

Well that depends on where the sidewalk is. It's up to you to keep the sidewalks around your house clear. Whereas Saanich Parks clears snow and ice from our municipal facility entrances and parking lots using a similar priority sequencing system. Public Works is responsible for clearing sidewalks on bridges and assists with clearing designated bus stops and shelters.

Off Ramps and Highways

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is responsible for all highway maintenance activities including snow clearing of our off ramps and highways within Saanich.  This service is currently contracted out to EMCON Services Inc. who are available 24/7, year round at 1-866-353-3136.