Parking Tickets & Residential Parking Only

Parking tickets

Paying sooner rather than later means a smaller ticket. 

  • $50 when you pay within 28 calendar days
  • $65 when you pay after 28 calendar days
  • If you take longer than 60 calendar days to pay, we must take further action

We outline our parking ticket rates in Section 7 of the Streets and Traffic Regulation Bylaw.

Payment Methods


Paying online is the quickest way to take care of your ticket.

By mail

You can also pay your ticket by sending us a cheque or money order. Mail it to:

District of Saanich
770 Vernon Ave.
Victoria BC V8X 2W7

Please be safe. Do not send cash.

In person

In the area? You may also pay in person at Saanich Municipal Hall (770 Vernon Ave.)

We’re open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (excluding statutory holidays)

Dispute process

You may challenge your ticket. To do this, you need to submit a bylaw offence notice review request form to Parking Enforcement, either in person at Saanich Municipal Hall (770 Vernon Avenue) or via email at There are 3 ways to get this form.

  1. Online
  2. From the municipal hall cashier - 2nd floor
  3. At the service counter of the Bylaw & Licensing Services Section - 3rd floor at the Saanich Municipal Hall (770 Vernon Avenue).

Resident parking only and time-limited parking zones

Parking is regulated in accordance with the Street and Traffic Bylaw.To facilitate the fair use of public space and infrastructure for residents, businesses, and visitors, resident parking only zones and limited-time parking zones are provided to manage street parking in higher-demand parking areas. 

1. Resident parking only zones
Residential parking only (RPO) zones are provided to protect single-family residential neighbourhood streets bordering on large institutional, commercial, multi-family, mixed-use and industrial areas from being congested by vehicles parked for the day.  Within these zones, only a resident, guest or a trades person of a dwelling located on the abutting lot or lots can park. RPO zones are only implemented directly in front of single-family residences when warranted. The Parking Enforcement Division enforce compliance with the requirements of these parking zones only when a resident registers a complaint. For more details about RPO, you may review our Streets and Traffic Bylaw Section 7.07 (b).
2. Time-limited parking zones 
Time-limited parking zones on public streets are provided to allow for parking during the day.  The areas for this type of designation include multi-family, commercial, industrial, institutional and mixed-use areas. Limited time parking is an efficient way to increase parking turnover during the day where parking demands are high,  which in turn supports visitors to area dwellings, facilities and businesses. Time limit increments can range from a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of four hours depending on area land uses and conditions.
3. Requests for residential parking zones or time-limited parking zones
Requests coming from the public should be sent to . Engineering staff will conduct field surveys to ascertain street parking occupancy levels at the block level.  For Resident Only Parking, streets where the occupancy levels per block are found to be greater than 70% during peak times will be forwarded to Saanich's Administrative Traffic Committee for review of parking regulations.  For Limited Time Parking zones, street occupancy levels per block in excess of 80% may warrant a change in parking regulations.
4. Parking complaints 
Suspected parking violations can be reported by calling the Parking Enforcement Division phone number at 250-475-5431 to request parking bylaw enforcement. We will generate a file number for the call and dispatch the Parking Bylaw Enforcement Officer.