Asked and Answered

Here are answers to questions that we have received about the Draft Local Area Plan. This list will be regularly updated as new questions are received.

  1. In the Ridge sub-area section, the Draft Plan notes that the Ridge node would support small-scale commercial uses. What would be an example of that?

    Answer: Some examples include a coffee shop or small retail store.

  2. The Draft Plan says that development permit area guidelines for the Village already exist and need to be updated. Are these guidelines currently on Saanich website?  Where can they be viewed?

    Answer: A link to the existing Development Permit Guidelines has been added to the project web page at and you can access them here.

  3. In the Village Sub-Area Plan, a reference is made to “walking distance.” How is “walking distance” determined?

    Answer: “Walking distance” is the distance that most people will walk to access shops, services, and amenities. This distance is based on 10-minute access and can be between 500 and 800 metres depending on things like topography, quality of walking routes and walking network connections.

  4. Village Attached Residential has been added along Cordova Bay Road since the public last saw the Village land use designations map. Why?

    Answer: This designation was added because these parcels along the Cordova Bay Road are within easy walking distance of the Village, transit, and local amenities such as the beach, and support the goals for expanding housing options, especially within the Village and close to amenities. 

  5. Village Attached Residential is shown to support building heights at 2 to 3 storeys with an FSR of up to 0.9 (Figure 10.2). Can you confirm the maximum height supported by the Draft Plan for the parcels identified as Village Attached between Haliburton Road and the Village Core? What is the density (FSR) likely to be?

    Answer: The Draft Plan supports 2 storeys for these parcels (Map 10.2), consistent with a single-family home. The density is not intended to be the maximum here given the two-storey limit. The FSR of about 0.7 is more likely and a policy should be added to reflect this – this will be added to the next draft.