Housing Option Public Engagement

As part of the Cadboro Bay LAP Draft Plan review process, Council directed staff to explore options to expand the Village Centre to include more purpose-built rental housing and housing affordable to a broader range of incomes. Public engagement on potential options occurred from June to August 2022.

Council Direction, August 22, 2022. 

On August 22, 2022 a report was considered by Council at the Committee of the Whole meeting, seeking their direction on next steps in the Local Area Plan update process. Council directed staff to proceed with Alternative 1, as outlined in the Staff Report, with the following motions:

  • Receive the Report of the Director of Planning dated August 11, 2022 for information, and;
  • Direct Staff to bring forward the current Draft Local Area Plan for Council's consideration, with minor refinements based on feedback received during the original Draft Plan engagement period and recent housing option engagement.

As indicated in the Report, this motion will entail that Staff make minor refinements to the Draft Plan based on comments received during the Draft Plan engagement period (November 2021 – March 2022) and recent housing option engagement (June – August 2022). A Proposed Plan would be presented to Council in late 2022.

The full report, including a summary of recent engagement regarding potential housing options in the Cadboro Bay Village and associated community feedback, can be accessed in the previous update (see below). The meeting was live broadcast, and can be viewed via the following link:

Committee of the Whole Meeting, August 22, 2020: Video Link

See the Staff Report for August 22 Council Meeting

View initial Community Survey Results (Part 1)

View Open-ended Survey Questions and All Comments Received (Part 2)

See June 11, 2022 Housing Workshop Summary Report  

Community Survey (closed)

A Community Survey for feedback took place June 22 to August 1, 2022, following the Cadboro Bay Village Workshop on Housing and two Online Events noted below. The survey invited community feedback on an expanded Village core and more diverse housing possibilities to better meet community needs, including purpose built rental housing and housing for broader range of incomes. The survey included quantitative and open-ended questions and was completed by 874 participants. Survey tabulation is currently in-progress.

Part 1: Community Survey Results (Quantitative questions only)

Part 2: Community Survey Results (Open-ended Questions and Comments Received)

Online Event 2 – July 13, 2022 (completed)

This second online presentation was an additional opportunity for those who missed the first June 22 Online Event. This was a repeat session that included the same information and opportunity for questions and discussion as the first one. 

Online Event Presentation [PDF - 11 MB]

Online Event - June 22, 2022 (completed)

Community Workshop Results Presentation and Discussion

The Online Event provided an overview of the Cadboro Bay Village Community Workshop on Housing and emerging ideas that explored possibilities for an expanded Village core with more diverse housing options and housing for more diverse incomes. This was a very popular event, which unfortunately exceeded 100 participants.

Online Event Presentation

Cadboro Bay Village Community Workshop on Housing (completed)

The workshop held on Saturday, June 11, 2022 engaged approx. 120 participants in exploring possibilities for expanding the Cadboro Bay Village Core in order to better meet housing needs in the community and include more opportunity for purpose-built rental housing and housing for a broader range of incomes. 

Participation Handout information
Workshop Presentation
Workshop Summary Report

Process Update – March 2022

As part of the Draft Plan review, on March 14, 2022, Council considered the planning process and made the motion:  “That Council direct Staff to undertake additional work to assess an expanded/more intense Village Centre with the purpose of expanding purpose built rental housing and housing opportunities for a broader range of incomes.”