Completed Projects

Find out parks that have had some recent work done!

Cadboro-Gyro Park event access

New event access location in Cadboro-Gyro ParkCadboro-Gyro Park [PDF - 367 KB] often hosts large community events. A new access point for permitted events will help reduce traffic on small neighbourhood streets. There are mulitple locking posts, so park users must have a valid park permit in place to gain access! 

Copley West Park football field renovation

The football field in Copley West Park [PDF - 86 KB] has been turned, resodded and goal posts installed! The home club is working on lights and a scoreboard for future improvements. Check out the time lapse video of the sod going down!

Layritz Park parking lot improvements

Parking lot in Layritz Park after paved and lines paintedHave you checked out the new parking lot in Layritz Park [PDF - 426 KB]? The project included new paving, drainage, landscape enhancements, pedestrian improvements and a more efficient parking layout within the existing footprint.

A new gate is still being designed for installation in 2019. 

Rainbow Park play equipment replacement project

New playground equipment in Rainbow Park

Rainbow Park [PDF - 178 KB] has new playround equipment installed! The sport court was also enlarged now with hockey nets and backetball hoops on two sides.