Haro Woods

Haro Woods


View of trees in Haro Woods looking skywardThanks to public consultation and the help of the Haro Woods Advisory Group, we developed the Haro Woods Park Management Plan. We held a total of 4 Public Events and 13 Advisory Group meetings to collect input from the community and stakeholders.

We have incorporated the community’s values in the plan’s intention to accommodate visitors of all ages, and resolve long-term issues including conflicting uses, invasive plants, and impacts to soil and vegetation.

Finnerty Creek restoration – September to October 2021

Our natural areas crew will be defining the creek bed to reduce erosion and flooding. We will incorporate rocks, woody debris and native plants into the riparian to help stabilize the creek and create wildlife habitat.

Damaging off-trail recreation

Previous off-trail travel by people, including off-trail biking and jump-building has caused much of the past negative impact to the woods. These activities can damage trees, the forest understorey, and soil. They also help invasive plants become established, which displaces the native vegetation that provides food and shelter for local wildlife.

Deciding how best to deal with off-trail biking was the most difficult aspect of the plan. Support for off-trail biking was insufficient during public consultations; as such, these activities will not be permitted in the park.

Welcome activities

Passive activities such as walking, nature appreciation, dog walking and recreational cycling on designated trails are welcome. Watch for various initiatives in the coming months and years that support these activities. You may also notice Parks staff and volunteers working to restore areas impacted by past off-trail activity.

Help protect Haro Woods Park and the creatures who live there:

  • Stay on existing trails whether walking or cycling.
  • Cyclists follow good ‘Share the Trail’ etiquette: yield to pedestrians, travel slowly and let pedestrians know when you are passing.
  • Keep pets on trails. Pick up and remove any animal waste.
  • Do not dig or mound dirt, or damage vegetation or soil.
  • Respect restoration sites.
  • Pay attention to signs posted in the park.
  • Report damaging activities.
  • Tell your friends and neighbours how they can help too.

About Haro Woods

This property is in the Cadboro Bay neighbourhood. The District of Saanich owns two of the four parcels collectively referred to as Haro Woods. These two parcels total 5.75 ha (14.2 ac) and are P4-N zoned: Natural Park.

A third parcel (1.56 ha/3.9 ac) is owned by the CRD, and the final piece (1.46 ha/3.6 ac) is owned by the University of Victoria.

Aerial View of Map of Haro Woods