Youth Development Strategy

Youth Development Strategy: 2016-2020

In 2015 Saanich Parks and Recreation undertook an ambitious youth consultation which included 40+ focus groups in the community. Our goal was to re-engage young people, ages 11 to 18, and learn how we could better serve their needs.

The result was our recently adopted Youth Development Strategy and 5-Year Implementation Plan which captures a variety of goals, actions and outcomes. This document will drive our Parks and Recreation programs and services for youth over the next five years.

The following six priority areas were identified by Saanich youth through our engagement process:

  • Increase Participation: we aim to decrease barriers to participation (cost, transportation...etc.) to get more youth active and engaged.
  • Collaboration: we strive to work with our community partners to provide more and better opportunities for youth in Saanich.
  • Outdoor Play and Risk: we will combat the "indoorification" of our youth - get out of their way and let them play!
  • Social Wellbeing: we recognize the holistic nature of health and will focus on all aspects of supporting healthy active youth in Saanich.
  • Youth Spaces: we will continue to provide quality, needed programming in our teen dedicated spaces (Flipside @ G.R. Pearkes, Upside @ SCP, and Backdoor @ GHRC)
  • Communication: we see the need to tailor our communications to meet the unique needs of youth, and will continue to work to do so in an authentic way. 

Testimony: From a youth participant 

  • "...staff would take me to the gym and work out with me and show me how to work out myself..."

  • "...a skill that has saved my life.."

  • "...(otherwise) I would definitely be on a different path in my life doing wrong..."