Stone Poem for Rutledge, by Tina Familo

Stone StatueTina Familo created “Stone Poem for Rutledge” by collecting stories, memories and neighbourhood history. She did formal research and talked with current and former residents and elders. From this, Tina Familo created poetry to reflect the history of the neighbourhood. The poems were then carved onto eight granite stones from a local quarry. We placed the eight stone poems throughout the park to subtly enrich the beauty and meaning of this place.

Tina Familo is an interdisciplinary artist who roots her work in issues of community, place and history. Tina loves storytelling of every kind. She is an artist, writer, educator and community animateur. She lives in the southern Gulf Islands.

About the Project Process

The competition theme, “Sense of Our Place”, required artists to explore the connections we have with place, with specific reference to Rutledge Park and the neighbourhood.

  • Re-development and expansion of Rutledge Park: 2004.
  • Public art competition: early 2005.

Rutledge Park Public Art Jury:

  • Three local artists.
  • Local neighbourhood association representative.
  • Parks and Recreation Department staff member.

Front Page of a Brochure

Stone Poems for Rutledge Brochure  [PDF - 4.3 MB]