In The Moment, by Fran Baskerville

Fran Baskerville’s art work, “In the Moment”, is a glimpse of Gordon Head. It’s a community of people that share a landscape and home that values and supports distinct ethnic backgrounds, ages, abilities and activity choices.

Baskerville digitally scanned the artwork to print it on to a fabric window cover. This provides a colourful sunshade. The shade material allows some light to get through. This further brightens the artwork.

About the Project Process

  • Re-develop and expand the Gordon Head Recreation Centre:  2010.
  • Public art competition:  2010

We upgraded the weight room and change rooms and added a dance studio and multipurpose room. We also made energy efficiency improvements. We installed a green roof and a solar water heating system. A public art jury selected Baskerville’s piece.

Public Art Jury

  • Three local artists.
  • Local neighbourhood association representative.
  • Saanich Parks and Recreation staff member.

The artwork theme:  “Multi-culturalism & Community”.

Cover of a Brochure