Get online access to your:

  • Utility account
  • Property taxes
  • Dog licence
  • Business licence

Register for a MySaanich account here. Enter your utility account number and access code (found on the bill) to view account details.

Benefits of MySaanich account:

  • View historical bills
  • Sign up for paperless billing (emailed utility bills)
  • See your tax and assessment info
  • Look up dog and business licence accounts

Paperless Billing

An emailed bill:

  • Is healthier for the environment
  • Can be more secure than a mailed bill
  • Helps reduce household clutter

To activate paperless billing:

  1. Login to MySaanich
  2. Click Edit Accounts.
  3. Click Change Bill Delivery Method.
  4. Click the checkbox for the account you want to make changes to.
  5. Click Change Bill Delivery Method.
  6. Use the dropdown menu to select Email.
  7. Click Change Bill Delivery Method again to save your changes.