Emergency Assistance Information — Flooding, Drainage & Sewer Backup

Many things can cause sewer or drainage damage.

  • A problem in your private system.
  • A problem in the municipal system.
  • Damages to both systems from things like storms or blockages.

What Should I Do First?

Call a licensed plumber right away.

Homeowners must determine where the blockage is located within the sewer connection. It doesn’t matter if it's on private or public property.

Note: Your plumber must call Fortis Gas through BC One Call (1-800-474-6886) before auguring or using any clearing tools in the sewer or drain connections. This will ensure no further damage happens.

Here are a couple of reasons why they need to do this:

If the plumber clearly identifies the blockage is on our side, contact Saanich Storm and Wastewater. The plumber must stay on site to help as needed.

What Should I Do Next?

  • Minimize any more damage to personal property. For example, remove undamaged items from the area if it’s safe.
  • Call your insurance agent as soon as possible. Find out if your policy provides coverage.
  • Arrange for cleanup as soon as possible. You can pay for this yourself or go through your insurer.
  • Sewage can create health hazards. You may need professional help. Look for damage restoration companies in the telephone directory.

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