EV Charging in Existing Multifamily Buildings

Planning for Comprehensive EV Ready Retrofits

The most cost-effective and equitable way to implement EV charging is to plan for every unit in a multifamily building to have access to an energized outlet capable of providing Level 2 EV charging. This is referred to as “EV Ready” and then enables the resident of the strata or apartment building to easily install a charger when they choose to buy an EV.

By planning and implementing EV Ready infrastructure from the outset, a building can generally design a system that fits within their building’s electrical capacity and avoids costly electrical upgrades. Technologies such as networked EV chargers and EV Energy Management Systems can help make efficient use of electrical capacity and also facilitate billing.

Watch the recorded webinar (Nov 17, 2021) below to learn more about the benefits of comprehensive EV ready retrofits and how to plan for them. This event was hosted in partnership with the Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association. The webinar slide deck is available here: Benefits and steps to planning EV Ready retrofits

To get started, contact a Plug In BC EV Advisor for free guidance and support: evadvisor@pluginbc.ca.

Funding for EV Ready Retrofits

Low Carbon Fuel Credits

Multi-family buildings with five or more units can earn and sell credits for the electricity that is powering EVs in your building as part of BC’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). The current value of LCFS credits is several times the cost of electricity and presents an opportunity for multi-family buildings to recover the cost of electrical upgrades and EV infrastructure. For more information:


The Province’s CleanBC Go Electric EV Charger Rebate Program provides the following incentives for strata condominiums and other eligible multifamily buildings:

  • Up to $3,000 (75% of costs) for an EV Ready Plan which outlines how your building will provide each residential unit with at least one EV Ready parking space.
  • Up to $120,000 (50% of costs) to implement the EV Ready Plan and install the infrastructure needed to make the building EV Ready; and
  • Up to $14,000 (50% of costs) to install and EV chargers.

The District of Saanich now provides top-up rebates, which are administered through the provincial CleanBC program:

  • Up to $1,000 for an EV Ready Plan
  • Up to $100/parking stall for EV Ready Infrastructure

Resources and Supports for EV Ready Retrofits

Multifamily builings in Saanich and beyond are getting EV Ready! These three case studies provide an overview of projects that have been completed, including costs, use of energy management systems, and more. Check out the videos at hte bottom of the page to hear residents talk about the projects and the benefits of the upgrade in their building.

Contact a Plug In BC EV Advisor for free guidance and support during the process for eligible building types. They can provide presentations or one-on-one advice on charging incentives, charging installations processes, and the benefits of acquiring chargers.

Check out the Plug In BC website for resources geared towards MURBs (Multi-unit Residential Buildings), including:

Recorded Webinars:

VISOA Webinar Series on EV Charging in Strata Buildings

The Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association (VISOA) is presenting a series of webinars to provide comprehensive information catered to strata owners and corporations about the Clean BC – Go Electric Charger Rebate Program, understanding how the Strata Property Act applies, as well as governance and management related to EV charging systems

Partner Links and Resources

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