Inventory of Heritage Markers

Memorial Trees Along Shelbourne Street

Marker erected at the corner of Shelbourne and Elnido in 1976.

In Memoriam Victoria area soldiers fallen in World War I
These heritage trees were planted by:

  • General Sir Arthur Currie, Sept. 21, 1922
  • Lord Byng of Vimy, Aug. 24, 1922
  • Joseph J. Cesare Joffre, Mar. 29, 1922
  • Erected by the Municipality of Saanich and the Heritage Tree Committee Victoria Horticultural Society, 1976

WWI Memorial Cornerstone

Inscribed: ‘Saanich War Memorial Health Centre, November 1920’  
Located at 4353 West Saanich Road. (*arch no longer standing).

Plaques at Lansdowne Airfield

William Wallace Gibson and the first all-Canadian designed and built aircraft flew Lansdowne Airfield in 1910. Marker erected at Lansdowne and Richmond road in 1985.

Dodd House

Historic Dodd House interpretive sign was installed in July 2007, located at Lambrick Park in front of the Designated Heritage Dodd family house restored by the Heritage Foundation. 

Congratulations to the Heritage Foundation for being awarded a 2008 Hallmark Society Award of Merit for their work in conserving and restoring Captain Charles and Grace Dodd House at 4139 Lambick Way in Lambrick Park.  The volunteers of the Heritage Foundation have worked for many years to restore this house that dates back to © 1859. 

Feng Shui Site in Saanich

In 2006 the District of Saanich installed an interpretive sign on the Galloping Goose Trail next to Swan Lake to commemorate the historical significance of the auspicious Feng Shui site on the slopes of Christmas Hill.