Heritage Register

The Saanich Heritage Register 2008 is a record of buildings that are determined to have community heritage value.  Saanich Council passed a resolution adopting amendments to the Register in 2008.  There are close to 300 heritage properties registered in Saanich. Over eighty of these sites have a Heritage Designation Bylaw protecting the exterior character of the building.

The Purpose of the Heritage Register:

  1. Properties listed on the Register may be protected by Municipal Council through a variety of measures outlined in the BC Local Government Act;
  2. The Register is used by Saanich staff in the decision making process for the future of each property listed; and
  3. The Register is a great record and resource for Saanich residents, staff and Council on the history of our community.

You may wish to refer to our Info on Saanich Heritage Register brochure for Frequently Asked Questions.

Copies are available for purchase ($24.95) at Saanich Municipal Hall, Planning Department, 3rd Floor.