Heritage Register

The Saanich Heritage Register 2008 [PDF - 28.1 MB] is a record of buildings that are determined to have community heritage value.  Saanich Council passed a resolution adopting amendments to the Register in 2008.  There are close to 300 heritage properties registered in Saanich. Over eighty of these sites have a Heritage Designation Bylaw protecting the exterior character of the building.

The Purpose of the Heritage Register:

  1. Properties listed on the Register may be protected by Municipal Council through a variety of measures outlined in the BC Local Government Act;
  2. The Register is used by Saanich staff in the decision making process for the future of each property listed; and
  3. The Register is a great record and resource for Saanich residents, staff and Council on the history of our community.

You may wish to refer to our Info on Saanich Heritage Register [PDF - 685 KB] brochure for Frequently Asked Questions.

Copies are available for purchase ($24.95) at Saanich Municipal Hall, Planning Department, 3rd Floor.