Heritage Policies & Regulations

Heritage Conservation

The B.C. government gives local ones like ours powers to protect our heritage structures. The Heritage Conservation - Part 15 of the Local Government Act regulates the following:

  • Heritage Register;
  • Heritage designation protection;
  • Heritage revitalization agreements;
  • Heritage alteration permits;
  • Heritage inspections;
  • Impact assessments;
  • Withholding approvals;
  • Withholding of demolition approvals; and
  • Temporary protection.

Heritage Management Plan

The Saanich Heritage Management Plan 1999 [PDF - 304 KB] outlines policies, regulations and action items for the future protection and development of heritage property.  Policies from the Plan include applications for:

Heritage Action Plan

This is an update and appendix to the Heritage Management Plan, you can view it here [PDF - 1.4 MB]. It sets clear heritage goals.

  • Protect existing heritage resources
  • Strengthen heritage resources; and
  • Promote heritage awareness.