Heritage Alteration Requests

If you want to change the exterior of your designated heritage home, you need to tell us the details of your plans. A heritage designated building is one that is protected by a bylaw. Ask the building or planning department if your building is heritage designated.

You’ll find the permit process below.

Building Permit Process for Heritage Designated Dwellings

The process begins when you, the owner of a heritage site, apply for a building permit.

  1. You apply for a Building Permit.
  2. Our Building Department lets you know that you need a Heritage Alteration Permit.
  3. We also forward a copy of the Heritage Alteration Permit to our Planning Department.
  4. Planning refers it to the Saanich Heritage Foundation for review. The foundation promotes the preservation, maintenance and restoration of heritage buildings.
  5. The Foundation reviews your permit application.
  6. They send their comments back to us in the Planning Department.
  7. Our Planning Department uses the Foundation’s comments to prepare a report for Council.
  8. The Report is scheduled for a Committee of the Whole meeting.
  9. You then present your case to the Committee of the Whole.
  10. Council makes a decision.

Building Permit Process for Registered Dwellings:

  1. You, the owner, apply for a Building Permit.
  2. We forward a copy to the Saanich Heritage Foundation.
  3. They review the permit application.
  4. They give you their recommendation.

If you have questions please contact the Saanich Heritage Foundation.

E-mail info@saanichheritagefoundation.ca