Saanich Heritage Foundation

Saanich Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation’s mandate includes:

  • Management of Restoration Grants,
  • Review of heritage designation and alteration applications,
  • Promotion of heritage conservation.

Terms of Reference

The Saanich Heritage Foundation is a registered non-profit society that promotes the preservation, maintenance and restoration of buildings, structures and land located in the Municipality of Saanich which have been designated as Municipal Heritage Sites by the Municipal Council.


The Saanich Heritage Foundation will, consistent with the purpose described above, undertake the following:

  • Provide grants to owners of heritage buildings, structures or land for the purpose of  assisting in the preservation, maintenance or restoration of the property.
  • Review changes to the Saanich Community Heritage Register and Saanich Heritage Management Plan.
  • Review and make recommendations to Council on heritage designation requests and requests for changes in heritage buildings.
  • Promote and encourage public interest in heritage conservation in the Municipality of  Saanich.
  • Raise funds to enable the Society to carry out the above purposes by soliciting and receiving money and property, both real and personal, by gift, contribution, bequest, devise or otherwise and including but not limited to the obtaining of funds from The Corporation of the District of Saanich, the Government of Canada and the Government of British Columbia.


The Committee will meet a minimum of four times per year in accordance with its regular schedule of meetings established annually at the first meeting of the year.  No meetings are held during the summer and winter breaks (July, August and December).  Special meetings may be held at the call of the Chair.  The meeting rules and procedures will be in accordance with Schedule B of the Society Act.


The Society will consist of nine (9) Directors appointed by the Mayor and Councillors of the District of Saanich and to the extent practical shall include:

  • One Council representative;
  • One person from the architectural field;
  • One member of the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Committee;
  • One person from the construction industry; and
  • Six (6) private citizens who have an interest in the heritage of Saanich.

Council may appoint one member to the Foundation as a non-voting liaison.

The Directors will annually elect a President, Vice-President and Treasurer.

Saanich Heritage Foundation Colouring Book [PDF - 53 MB]

Staff Support

The Planning Department, Archives Section, and Lands Division will provide the required professional support. Please contact the Saanich Heritage Foundation at for more information.