Leading Pedestrian Intervals

Did you know that Saanich has 20 intersections featuring a Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI) that gives more priority to pedestrians?

The first intersection to give the head start to pedestrians was Cedar Hill Cross Rd. at Braefoot Rd. in September of 2019.

Saanich currently has 20 intersections featuring a Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI) that gives more priority to pedestrians. We have been adding this feature to intersections since September of 2019. Pedestrians at these intersections receive their walk signal first, a few seconds before drivers get their green light. This gives people walking or cycling a head start which improves their visibility and in turn makes it safer. Leading pedestrian intervals are a recommendation from the Active Transportation Plan and will be installed at additional locations over the next couple of years.

Signals along the Lochside Trail also have bicycle signals installed to help cyclists get a head start and clear the intersection.

The following 20 intersections have had LPI installed since the beginning of the program in 2019.

  1. Interurban at Marigold *NEW*
  2. Glanford at Agnes *NEW*
  3. McKenzie at Nelthorpe *NEW*
  4. Burnside at Harriet *NEW*
  5. Wilkinson at Mann *NEW*
  6. Cedar Hill Cross at Braefoot/Epsom
  7. Quadra at Reynolds
  8. Quadra at Beckwith
  9. Quadra at Chatterton
  10. Quadra at Lily
  11. Chatterton at Emily Carr
  12. Cordova Bay at Sayward
  13. Wilkinson/Santa Rosa at Helmcken
  14. Blenkinsop at Tattersall
  15. West Saanich at Elk Lake
  16. Carey at Ravine
  17. Cedar Hill and Derby
  18. Cloverdale at Oak
  19. Admirals at Gorge
  20. Royal Oak at Lochside

There are 10 additional  intersections slated for improvement through to 2023.

  1. Carey at Ralph
  2. Shelbourne at the University Heights Mall
  3. West Saanich Rd. at the Royal Oak Shopping Centre
  4. Shelbourne at Pear
  5. McKenzie at Saanich
  6. Burnside at Helmcken
  7. Glanford at Mann
  8. West Saanich at Interurban
  9. Cedar Hill Cross Rd. at Blenkinsop
  10. Tillicum at Carey